We are pleased to introduce “UNIFORM SECURITY TRAINING INSTITUTE” as the first training institute approved by the Govt. of Haryana, for training of private security personnel in the Haryana and Delhi NCR.

The requirement of an institute for training of private security personnel was never as acute as it is today to meet the challenge of the emerging security scenario in the country. Unfortunately professionally trained security personnel are not easy to find in the market and one has to be content with untrained or semi trained personnel who may not be able to deliver in the hour of need.

Under the Private Security Agencies (Regulations) Act 2005 it is mandatory for all security Agencies to get their security personnel properly trained and the Controlling Authority has prescribed a syllabus of 160 Hrs. (100 Hrs. indoor training and 60 Hrs. outdoor) training for fresh guards and 6 week (six week) security Supervisors. Unfortunately due to non-availability of any standard training institute in the Haryana and Delhi NCR untrained or inadequately trained manpower have been performing the security duties and there are innumerable instances when these security guards fail to come up to expectations in the industry.

By recognition of the first training institute for training private security personnel, such as security guards, security supervisors, security Officers etc., the Uniform Security And Facility Pvt Ltd has taken a step forward to make available properly trained security personnel in Haryana and Delhi NCR. At Uniform Security Training Institute we are training the security personnel, as required by PSARA rules in the handling of electronic access control system, maintaining records, fire-fighting equipment, to undertake rescue operation and provide first-aid in case of emergency, use security equipment including CCTV system, to deal with unidentified objects and suspected IED devices, communicate in Hindi and English, have basic knowledge of computers, use of wireless sets and learn etiquettes to interact especially with women and children in addition to learning basic rules of security and law. Trainees who successfully complete the training are awarded certificates as authorized by the Controlling Authority, Govt. of Haryana.

It is suggested that you may insist upon your security agency to provide you trained security guards and supervisors so that they are not found wanting whenever any need arises. This is not only in the larger interest of your safety and security but also makes you liable for using untrained security personnel that may fail to act to protect the life and property that they are supposed to protect.

The training programs are as approved by the Haryana Govt. under PASARA. Please contact us at 9813060453 for your training requirements. You can also email us for more info at info@uniformsecurity.in